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Majik Duce
Majik Duce
TheComission played a pivotal role in preparing my new music single for an October 27th release! Their outstanding work in communication, creativity, and bringing my vision to life is commendable. Their dedication and expertise are truly praiseworthy, making them an invaluable asset for any artist looking to take their game to an elite level. The way they transformed my ideas into reality speaks volumes about their talent and commitment. Thanks to TheComission, i'm all set to launch my single with confidence and success!
The Notorious Kids
The Notorious Kids
I mean I work at the commission so guys give these stars a 5 so my dad can be happy
Brandun Yglesias
Brandun Yglesias
Site is great has alot to offer as a customer and or as a client tryinging to sell merch. Please share this site and tell friends. Very very useful for anyone who wants to move products or to promote their self. Much love.
TheComission is a fantastic company to help put out your business. It is a one stop shop for everything from retailers to musicians with direct links. I dont link people to my spotify anymore just my comission page. Its affordable and does the job fantastically. An on top of that the guy that runs it is very humble. 5/5 stars i recommend them to anyone who has a business or is a musical in a heart beat !

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